Lou Drendel's Boeing B-52 Stratofortress PDF

Lou Drendel's Boeing B-52 Stratofortress PDF

By Lou Drendel

B-52 Stratofortress stroll round

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Once inside the turret the air gunner closed two doors behind him, which prevented him from falling out when the turret was rotated. BELOW Turret hydraulic circuit diagram. WGS Ul. REF. NO. 50 E 2636 OF lAE HYDRAULIC SPEED- A. PM. 2 2:7 ' YOKES" OIL FILTER AM REF NO 27 ... H. Iit. RtF NO. M. REF "0. 50 .. N . REF NO 27 A 1'107 R[U[F VALVE HIGH PRESSURE A lot REf NO. ~o E26sa [ 72 lANCASTER MANUAL PRESSURE GAUGE COUPLINGS Ul. REF. NO. N. REF. NO. 50 [ 3234 73 ANATOMY OF THE lANCASTER Bomb bay and loads he Lancaster's bomb bay could hold a variety of bomb loads depending on the operation to be carried out.

This system operates the brakes and the radiator flaps. A lever on the pilot and co-pilot's control column operates the brakes. This lever is cablelinked to the brake control valve and, when applied, air from the brake control valve inflates the brake bags to 120psi. ABOVE Engine controls. (RAF Coningsby Photographic Section/ Flying controls Crown Copyright) 1 Fuel master cocks he pilot and the co-pilot operate all the flying controls. These include: ailerons, elevators, rudders, aileron trim, elevator trim, rudder trim and flaps.

By applying left rudder pedal and re-applying the brakes, more braking will be applied on the left side and the aircraft will commence a turn to the left. The same principle applies for the right side, which is called differential braking. BELOW Taxiing out to the runway. (Jarrod Cotter) After these checks have been successfully completed the pilot will begin the run . When the aircraft reaches 90 knots it will become airborne, the undercarriage will be raised, and the following checks are carried out: After take-off checks Brakes Undercarriage Climb power Engine temps and pressures Flaps Door P PI E C E On, off UP, lights out Set Checked C UP, indicating selector neutral Closed and locked (locked only if leaving the circuit) ElG Handling pre-display checks Radios Altimeters Crew security Fuel Display brief Anti-collision lights 98 lANCASTER MANUAl NIC PI N ALL E P C Frequency set QFE set.

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