Brooks Butler Hays's Balls on the Lawn: Games to Live By PDF

Brooks Butler Hays's Balls on the Lawn: Games to Live By PDF

By Brooks Butler Hays

The intense relaxation aficionado is aware that it doesn't take a lot to remodel a ho-hum afternoon right into a actually memorable one—just a couple of balls, a few mallets, possibly a horseshoe or . The transformative nature of garden activities takes middle degree in Balls at the Lawn, an ode to vintage open air actions, from the typical (bocce) to the vague (Kan-Jam). together with the historical past and entire principles of 10 iconic video games, plus applicable accompanying cocktails (serious rest calls for severe sustenance), Balls at the Lawn will revolutionize Saturday afternoons throughout the long-held traditions, strong pageant, and plentiful camaraderie of garden activities.

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