Get Augustine on war and military service PDF

Get Augustine on war and military service PDF

By Wynn, Phillip Gerald; Saint Bishop of Hippo. Augustine

Did our sleek realizing of simply struggle originate with Augustine? during this sweeping reevaluation of the facts, Phillip Wynn uncovers a nuanced tale of Augustine's suggestions on conflict and armed forces carrier, and provides us a extra whole and complicated photo of this crucial subject. Deeply rooted within the improvement of Christian inspiration this reengagement with Augustine is key examining

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The Medieval Construction of Augustine as an Authority on War and Military Service 10. Conclusion Bibliography Augustine's Texts Cited Index of Augustinian Citations General Index 1 Acknowledgments With a work as broadly conceived as this, even the strictest detractors must, according to their measure of the material that should be in it but isn’t, occasionally make allowances for mortal ignorance, while conceding the merest possibility that any particular something they mastered with their mothers’ milk may be missing for lack of space, or relevance.

Augustine treated the question of war and indicated the principles which served as the basis for the doctrine of St. [37] The next year, in his book La guerre devant le Christianisme, Vanderpol gave further details on the sources of Augustine’s thought and its transmission and relationship to the works of later authorities. [The scholastic doctrine of war] is the only one which has been professed in the church from St. Augustine up to the last years of the sixteenth century. All the theologians and all the canonists of this period, without any exception, made it the basis of their teaching.

91] Robert Holmes in his 1999 article “St. Augustine and the Just War Theory” echoed Lenihan in questioning the basis for making Augustine the father of just war, yet was thereby able to come to a conclusion diametrically opposed to Lenihan’s on the stance of the African Father toward war. Holmes acknowledged that “[t]he prevailing view is that, at least within Christianity, the father of just war thinking is St. ”[92] He continued: The extent of his influence is documentable. If that is all that is meant by his being called father of the just war theory (or of the just war tradition, as some prefer to put it), the claim is certainly correct.

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