Get Atlas of human central nervous system development PDF

Get Atlas of human central nervous system development PDF

By Shirley A. Bayer, Joseph Altman

The second one quantity within the Atlas of Human imperative apprehensive procedure improvement sequence, The Human mind throughout the 3rd Trimester presents new information regarding immature positive factors of the perinatal mind that experience by no means ahead of been pointed out. with out different atlas to be had at the improvement of the human mind through the 3rd trimester, this quantity fills a wide void within the present literature. This basic survey of the advanced structural strategies that take place in the course of human CNS improvement can provide a visible list of approximately each constitution within the mind through the 3rd trimester.

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53 PLATE 39B Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Germinal and transitional structures in italics Callosal glioepithelium Lateral ventricle Corpus callosum (body) Fornical glioepithelium POSTERIOR COMPLEX CSubic gr De e p e ia Pr e te c tu rfi m c Su pe M id dl Cerebral aqueduct Mesencephalic glioepithelium/ependyma Parahippocampal gyrus Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Parasubiculum Tegmentum Alvear glioepithelium Parahippocampal neuroepithelium, subventricular zone, and stratified transitional field Oculomotor nucleus (III) Reticular formation te Central tegmental tract Granular layer Hilus Molecular layer Subgranular zone Stratum lacunosummoleculare Medial longitudinal fasciculus Superior cerebellar peduncle Caudate nucleus (tail) Fimbria/fornix Brachium of the inferior colliculus Lateral lemniscus Meyer's loop (visual radiation) Hippocampus: Stratum radiatum Pyramidal layer M le al e di Stratum oriens m Temporal lobe Cerebral peduncle Pontocerebellar fibers (thin transverse bundles) White matter Cortical plate Layer I PONS Subpial granular layer Middle cerebellar peduncle Nerve V In Medial geniculate body Mesencephalic nucleus of V Reticular tegmental nucleus Pontine gray Suprageniculate nucleus ule ps ca us PO P M A ul Pos t er ior Op tic ne r id dl ew sc H IP us er Subcommissural lay y organ a er gr ay l ay Central gray M ni CA1 r ntate g y Presub icu Tectum Raphe nuclear complex De US um roid plex us m A mon' s Cho Subgranular zone rn CA3 ho l a gr Superior colliculus er l ay ve er y la e te ur hi iss m m Co Glioepithelium Stem cells of choroid plexus Fornical glioepithelium r aye yl Stria terminalis Lateral geniculate body MIDBRAIN m lu Lateral ventricle Pulvinar leus lar nuc Temporal stratified transitional field Callosal sling THALAMUS RETICULAR BELT Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Caudate nucleus (tail) ic u Ret Strionuclear glioepithelium x rni Fo rn al Choroid plexus Transpontine corticofugal tract (thick longitudinal bundles) Pontocerebellar fibers (decussation) 54 PLATE 40A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65, Level 14: Section 1141 See the entire section in Plate 14.

Interhemispheric fissure Superior parietal lobule Layer I Angular gyrus Parietal lobe Cingulum 3 Cingulate gyrus Lateral ventricle Choroid plexus Middle temporal gyrus 5 7 6 8 4 Occipital gyrus H 11 Flocculus Corpus callosum (splenium) us ) yr ea e gal ar t a i ul n n g le Ci trosp (re 11 Vermis Occipital lobe Temporal lobe 10 m llu be here e r p Ce emis Fusiform gyrus Damaged areas in section White matter Precuneus 2 1 Su pramarginal gyrus Inferior temporal gyrus Cortical plate 12 Pons 9 Superior cerebellar peduncle Fourth ventricle Middle and inferior cerebellar peduncles Medulla Vestibular nuclear complex Inferior olive Pyramid Raphe nuclear complex 23 PLATE 18 Remnants of the germinal matrix, migratory streams, and transitional fields 1 2 3 4 5 6 Parietal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Parietal stratified transitional field Callosal glioepithelium (intermingled with cingulate neuroepithelium and subventricular zone) Cingulate stratified transitional field Occipital neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Occipital stratified transitional field GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Level 18: Section 1371 7 Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone 8 Temporal stratified transitional field 9 External germinal layer (cerebellum) 10 Germinal trigone (cerebellum) 11 Medullary glioepithelium/ependyma 12 Subpial granular layer (cortical) See this area of cortex in Plates 27 and 28 See detail of brain core and cerebellum in Plates 44A and B.

Amygdalohippocampal area? Globus pallidus (internal segment) Lateral hypothalamic area White matter Putamen Me d Paraventricular nucleus Thalamic glioepithelium/ ependyma SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA AMYGDALA Reticular nucleus THALAMUS Hypothalamic glioepithelium/ependyma Lateral migratory stream (extends to temporal cortex) Anteromedial nucleus Mammillothalamic tract lary lamina ul BASAL GANGLIA Anterodorsal Vental anterior nucleus nucleus Stria medullaris PERI RE Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis OR RI X TE LE ANOMP C Stria terminalis L RA X LT NT PLE BE VE M R CO LA CU TI Anteromedial striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Stem cells of choroid plexus Cave of the septum ter na lc ap su le Strionuclear glioepithelium Anterolateral striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone (an ter ior lim b) Corpus callosum (body) Frontal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Frontal lobe Ca ud at (bo e nu dy cleu ) s Lateral ventricle Claustrum Induseum griseum Callosal glioepithelium Frontal stratified transitional field Germinal and transitional structures in italics Cingulum Interhemispheric fissure Callosal sling Fornical glioepithelium Cortical nuclei Medial nucleus Central nucleus Uncinate fasciculus dorsal Lateral nucleus ventral Basal nucleus Streams of cells migrating into the basolateral nuclear complex of the amygdala Temporal lobe Lateral fissure 44 PLATE 35A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65 Level 9: Section 831 9 See the entire section in Plate 9.

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