Antique Pistol Collecting (1400-1860) - download pdf or read online

Antique Pistol Collecting (1400-1860) - download pdf or read online

By James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

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Cases The English gunsmiths were prevented by patent from coppng certain Colt features, such as the action and the partitions between the nipples, and also the The English weapons had no partitions more than one chamber to be set off by mechanical rammer. was not unknown for sparks from the percussion cap and it 'creeping' to the caps on either side of it. The partitions prevented this occurring and proved a great seUing feature. [52] ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING Lang brought out makers such ally as which was used by other Witton and Daw.

So far as the legal was concerned, the authorities seem attitude that although it was really illegcJ, and had in bidden by Royal Proclamation more than once, [24] to have taken it fact up the been for- was, nevertheless, a ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING matter between gentlemen. This attitude was adopted, no doubt, because the officers of the Crown and others of equal standing were the ones most hkely to be engaged in a duel. However, if an intended duel was brought to the notice of a magistrate, he would bind over the principals and seconds to keep the peace.

Sometimes, however, neither party v^shed for a serious outcome and the pistols were loaded with a reduced powder against the victor, although it charge or, at the time of firing, they 'deloped' — fired in the air. In weapons honour was deemed to be was not always the expert shot who was the best duellist, either case, after the discharge of satisfied. It although previous experience undoubtedly helped. one thing but to stand waiting for the signal to at hit a target in a cold, damp was field Lord Byron, who on one occasion figured found how hard it was to keep the hand steady and was well dawn was in a duel, fire To quite another.

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