Download PDF by David Machin: Analysing Popular Music: Image, Sound and Text

Download PDF by David Machin: Analysing Popular Music: Image, Sound and Text

By David Machin

Popular song is way greater than simply songs we take heed to; its meanings also are in album covers, lyrics, subcultures, voices and video soundscapes. Like language those components can be utilized to speak advanced cultural rules, values, strategies and identities.

Analysing renowned tune is a full of life examine the semiotic assets present in the sounds, visuals and phrases that include the ‘code publication’ of well known tune. It explains precisely how renowned tune involves suggest loads. full of examples, workouts and a thesaurus, this booklet offers the reader with the data and abilities they should perform their very own analyses of songs, soundtracks, lyrics and album covers.


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24). Again this brings us back to the idea of lifestyle. Challenges to the 27 social order through music genre such as rap are not systematically argued nor carried out but are connoted through aligning oneself alongside an unformulated idea of rebellion though striking certain poses, wearing clothes and making or listening to particular kinds of sounds. Rap is able to connote an authenticity of inner-city oppression, and also of macho aggression and pride, all realised closely to consumerism. Creativity versus the music corporation While the following chapters in this book will be looking specifically at how bands use semiotic resources – sounds, image and word – to communicate about themselves, it is important that we are mindful of the way that record companies are also active in this process, taking an important role in shaping the image of artists, in seeking market position and addressing audiences.

This racialisation leads to a perception that music can simply represent monolithic ethnic groups, where black musicians represent music from the body. At music festivals such as Womad, he points out, African and Caribbean musicians offer multicultural music based on ethnic marketing categories. From this discussion about authenticity and the body notions of musical affect we can begin to see why we talk about music in terms 21 of the way it says something of our character, why we feel that music comes from a realm other than culture, that it is associated with the soul, and that it is connected to nature, and why it can allow us to challenge bourgeois culture.

10 Tinariwen ‘Amassakoul’ record sleeve Analysing Popular Music 46 Clannad, the setting is a forest and lake shot in monochrome with mist, threatening clouds and ghostly saturated light. Mist is often used visually to connote timelessness. This is therefore an ancient or distant forest. Both darkness and mist can be used metaphorically through their associations of lack of being able to see clearly and therefore to represent mystery. Clearly a forest and lake on a bright sunny day would not work for a Clannad record sleeve.

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