Download e-book for kindle: Acoustic Blues Guitar by Kenny Sultan

Download e-book for kindle: Acoustic Blues Guitar by Kenny Sultan

By Kenny Sultan

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I n additio n t o thei r literar y merit, thes e ballad s were valued as documents o f past ways of life where important cultural traditions were anchored in the material daily practices of nonelites. The dancing, singing thron g provide d th e locu s fo r th e origin s o f cultura l values, and the stud y of cowboy ballad s was one means of recovering these values. Within th e Hcrderia n traditio n tha t America n balla d scholarshi p in herited, thes e originary values, to a greater or lesser extent, establishe d the inherent legitimacy of a people and a nation.

On July i, 19x7, Fox presented a lecture-concert that included versions o f "Home on the Range, " "Sa m Bass," "Cowboy's Lament," and other ballads . 18 Ritter never claimed authenti c cowbo y statu s for himself , bu t hi s interest i n cowboy culture was piqued by his contact with Lomax, Dobie, and Fox at the Universit y of Texas. 8, he was a singing cowboy on KPRC in Houston, and then i n 1930 Ritter move d to New York to pursu e an acting career. 19 There he almost immediately landed a part in the Theate r Guild's production of Lynn Rigg's "Green Gro w the Lilacs.

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