How could the big U.S. snowstorm affect Sunday’s game in Charlotte?

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Bank of America Stadium covered in snow

By Ozzy

If you’re from South Carolina one thing is for sure, you aren’t used to snow. Maybe you’ve never seen it before? Well now you have a taste. Bank of America stadium employees began clearing the snow for the big game Sunday.

Usually fans that go to a Carolina Panthers game are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but people have gone to the stadium and posted pictures of them wearing snow gear. Definitely a different sight.

Those who watched the divisional game against the Seahawks last weekend were exposed to the already slippery turf, and this weekend is sure to be worse after the storm. Panthers are lucky to be practising in Charlotte on snowy turf. Team staff has adjusted players cleats for practise in order to prepare for game-time conditions.

The Arizona Cardinals on the other hand are not in Charlotte just yet so their practise has been consisting of sunny skies and warm temperatures. They will see quite the adjustment when they arrive this weekend.

Do I think this will play a role in the teams actually game performance? No, the reason is for one, Carolina has played in these conditions this season. Take the NY Giants win for example. Back on December 20th, the temperature at MetLife Stadium was 6 degrees celsius. They’ve also been practising on the snow and in the cold as I mentioned above. Arizona played in Seattle against the Seahawks on November 15th in 10 degrees celsius, and won that game. So both teams have experience playing in cold games and winning away from home. Maybe that’s where Arizona has an edge coming into this game on the road?

But above all, they are professional athletes with professional coaching and training staff. They are always ready for whatever the weather throws at them, or what Cam or Carson throw at them (see what I did there).

My pick still remains in the Panthers hand. Home field advantage and their defence should hold up and bring them to the Superbowl.


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